VSCO Favourite presets

by joonas

[x_pullquote cite=”Visual Supply Company” type=”left”]”Joonas Linkola — Your work has been curated to VSCO Selects — a showcase of exceptional content from around the globe.”[/x_pullquote]

Well thank you there, VSCO! See here the collection.

I’m often asked about my photo editing. Most of it happens in Lightroom (will show you later), but there is one particular app I use on iPhone as well: VSCO. It has the basic tweaking tools, but most importantly, super smooth filters! Here is an example of my favourite filters: A7, A8 and A9. I choosed a colorful photo and maximised the level of the filters, so you can easily see the change. Have a good one!


#nofilter – natural cloudy day in Northern Norway


#A7 – green shadows, reduced reds, rich and moody


#A8 – colder shadows, colder overall


#A9 – warmer overall

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