Slush 17 – The world’s leading startup and technology conference

by joonas
Slush 17 – The world’s leading startup and technology conference

“The world’s leading startup and technology conference Slush was organized for the 10th time this week. The sold-out event gathered up to 20,000 attendees from over 130 countries including 2,600 startups, 1,500 investors and 600 journalists to Helsinki. This thrill led to nearly 10,000 meetups between startups and investors. Our 2,400 volunteers made all of this possible.”   Vilma Flinkman

It was also the third time for me to attend the event. Being part of the social media content production team my job consisted of producing photos and videos and hosting the official Facebook and Instagram channels of Slush. Things I learnt:

  • Planning is the Alpha & Omega of a successful content production: This year I had not planned enough compared to the previous one. At the Slush 16 I was leading the volunteer photographers team, which sets effectively more responsibility than only being part of the team. However, making post schedules and pre-designed topics before the show would increase my effectiveness and accomplishments.
  • Inter-team and intra-team communications should be rehearsed and organised so that every participant knows how to connect to some other participant. Applications such WhatsApp are great tools, but only if people are aware of the necessity of being online and having their phones accessible.
  • Emerging issue of the massive amount of photographic content: What would be the best solution for sharing and organising the content? Which service to use? We have been using Flickr (see photos HERE), but it has its pros and cons. Mostly cons.

In the end, we did a great job and the venue was a massive success!


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