Roadtrip in Southern Norway

by joonas
Roadtrip in Southern Norway

In collaboration with Scandinavian Outdoor

The spring sun gives strength and the sea breeze blows into the ears. Numerous tunnels, small fishing villages and long sandy beaches are quickly changing to the fjord view. We prepared for all weather conditions, packed dry food and tent accessories for sleeping. South Norway offers so many opportunities for outdoor activities that it is advisable to choose routes and destinations in advance – otherwise you may struggle with choice!

Our goal was to climb to the top of a mountain on the northern slope of the Lysefjord. On the hillside lies a strange rock formation, Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock). A 25 x 25-meter plateau on a mountain slope is 604 meters above Lysefjord. The plateau is likely to have formed as a result of ice expansion about 10,000 years ago. The water that froze in the cracks of the mountains broke the weaker rock and left behind an older and stronger rock. Before the hikers, the formation was called Hyvlatånnå (planed tooth). Only around the turn of the 1900s the first hiker climbed up all the way and so Preikestolen was discovered as a tourist destination. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the Ryfylke area, and no wonder.

I hadn’t seen such beautiful landscapes before. It’s hard to describe in words how the adrenaline flowed in the veins and the heartbeat got faster when a few steps away opens the mind blowing drop. Still, the colored mountain peaks in the evening sun seemed soothing, and the serene weather brought quite different sounds to the ears. Those we usually dream about.

Recommended hiking season: April-October.
Vertical ascent: 350 m
Time from the parking lot: 4-5 hours
Round trip: 7.6 km.
Additional note: There are a couple of streams along the route from which you can take drinking water with the filter.
Additional note 2: The place is congested during the daytime, so I recommend a trip overnight: Up in the evening and down in the morning.

Here’s a roadtrip map that we used as a guide!

Essential equipment list:

Shell Jacket: Peak Performance Vislight C
Lightweight Jacket: Peak Performance Helium Hood
Sturdy shoes: Lowa Innox Mid GTX
Warm bedding: Exped Synmat UL LW
Tent: Hilleberg Anjan 3 GT
Light gas burner: Primus Microntrail Piezo
Powerful head lamp: Petzl Reactik +
Backpack: Fjällräven Kajka 85

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