Lofoten Top 24 locations for hiking & photographing

by joonas

This blog post covers my selected Top 24 locations and hikes in Lofoten, Norway. There are two categories, “Where to photograph & hang out?” and “Where to hike?” This blog post only highlights my favourite places, not detailed instructions. Important notes & websites covering detailed information about the hikes are listed in the end.

List of the spots in the Google Maps:

  • Where to photograph & hang out?
  • A-frame cabin in Flakstad
  • Bunes beach
  • Dalsvatnet
  • Fredvang bridge
  • Haukland beach
  • Henningsvaer
  • Kvalvika beach
  • Nusfjord
  • Reine
  • Sakrisøya
  • Storvatnet
  • Uttakleiv beach
  • Unstad beach
  • Where to hike?
  • Festvågtinden 541m
  • Helvetestinden 602m
  • Holandsmaelen 434m
  • Mannen 400m
  • Munken 797m
  • Nonstined 459m
  • Skottinden 671m
  • Stornappstinden 740m
  • Reinebringen 666m
  • Ryten 543m
  • Vaeroy, Håen 438m

Where to photograph & hang out?

A-frame cabin in Flakstad: Facing North, this small but photogenic A-frame is a great place to make a snack break. Remember to bring your own firewood, which you can buy in Ramberg.

Bunes beach: Quiet beach, which is accessible easiest by ferry from Reine to Vindstad. One of my favourite places to camp. There are no shops, so bring your food and firewood with you!

Dalsvatnet is a small lake in Ballstad, right below the mountains. In the end of the lake you can find a lean-to hut with a fireplace. Make a lunch here and start hiking towards Skottinden 671m.

Haukland beach: The beach between mountains, facing towards South-West and West. Camp here and start a small hike to Mannen, the closest peak and a great viewpoint.

Kvalvika beach: My favourite beach to camp with friends. Kvalvika is getting more and more popular, but especially in the off-season (September-July) you have plenty of space. Hiking to the beach is easy, and takes 1-2 hours depending on your physical condition.

Henningsvaer: This sympathetic small town offers you great restaurants, cafeterias and bars. Warmly recommending Trevarefabrikken and Restaurant Lofotmat.

Reine: The classic. My main reason to mention Reine is the restaurant Tapperiet Bistro with great pizzas. Other than that, Reine is very crowded in the high season.

Nusfjord: A picturesque small town to visit anytime of the year! Nusfjord is surrounded by mountains, and even the road leading there is fun to drive!

Ballstad: In case you need accommodation, I warmly recommend Hattvika Lodge and Solsiden Brygge in Ballstad. Fantastic hospitality and cosy cabins!

Fredvang bridge: Beautiful bridge to photograph. There is also a toilet and cooking tables at the end before Fredvang.

Sakrisøya (below): Another photo classic. However, my favourite restaurant is located in Sakrisøya: Anita’s Sjømat. Fish burgers and local beer!

Unstad beach: Surfers paradise for those who like cold water. Hike hiking trails start from Unstad beach, but my main reason to mention this are the cinnamon rolls sold in Unstad Arctic Surf cafeteria.

Storvatnet: Sweet lake to swim with epic reflections (notice that most of the lakes are restricted from swimming, because they are being used as drinking water.)

Uttakleiv beach: Take your friends to one of the best camping spot in Lofoten. Toilets and fireplaces available.

Where to hike?

Festvågtinden 541m: Moderate hike, but very well worth it! Sunrise and sunset spot. Astonishing views towards West and South over Henningsvaer.

Helvetestinden 602m: Moderate hike. My favourite peak in Lofoten so far (maybe it was the company). It can me very cold and windy up, so prepare well! Sunrise and sunset spot.

Holandsmaelen 434m: Easy hike with rewarding views over Haukland beach. Sunrise and sunset spot, depending on the time of the year.

Mannen 400m: Easy hike starting from Haukland beach. Sunrise and sunset spot, depending on the time of the year.

Munken 797m: Moderate and adventurous hike. Take an extra hours to enjoy the time at the top.

Nonstined 459m: Easy/moderate hike if the ground is dry. Great views over Ballstad and towards South and West. Sunrise and sunset spot.

Skottinden 671m: Easy/moderate hike if the ground is dry. Stunning views over Ballstad and towards West. Sunrise and sunset spot.

Stornappstinden 740m: Moderate hike, adventurous trail and beautiful 360 degree views. Sunrise and sunset spot.

Reinebringen 666m: Maybe the most popular mountain in Lofoten, no wonder why. Definitely a sunset spot.

Ryten 543m: Easy hike, great views over Kvalvika beach and the ocean. Sunset spot.

Vaeroy, Håen 438m: Monumental views over the Vaeroy island. Easy hike. Sunset and sunrise spot.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Yes, many know already most of these places, and some think that they are on Instagram all the time. That is true, however, they are still impressive. For a photographer most of the spots are great to learn photography as you can find reference images from internet. Don’t take it so seriously.

Most of the trails are in good condition in between June and September. In case of heavy rain be extra careful. Good hiking and trekking shoes are always important. Using hiking poles helps you to avoid strains. Use applications to find the tracks (such as Mapout). Weather conditions change very quickly in Lofoten, so prepare for the worst. My essential gear advice:

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