Instagram insights & Ads

by joonas
Instagram insights & Ads

Just recently I made a Facebook artist page. Mainly because I wanted to see my Instagram statistics, but it’s also nice to share the projects and stories somewhere. If you want to see the insights in Instagram, you have to create a Facebook page.

Ok here we go!

I am curious so see the data behind a post. Insights can support individual development and future strategies, as well they are a good bench mark for marketing purposes. Of course I wanted to try boosting a post as well, so I ended up creating an advertisement of one of my original basic post. I didn’t really advertise any product nor sell anything, but when someone clicked the post he/she ended up seeing my new Facebook page. Here are the original post and paid post aside:















Let’s study the numbers next!

Organic post
Impression 102 000
Reach 93 500
Engagement 9 239
Engagement rate % 23,10 %
Boosted post
Money spent (€) 5 €
Impressions 8 037
Reach 7 966
Likes 1 305
Clicks 43
Ad relevance score 8

Engagement rate means that the total engagement of the post is compared to the user’s (that’s me now) follower base. 23,10% is really good no matter what benchmark I compared to. As I read through several studies and reports I got a feeling that everything above 5% is great.

Ad relevance score is a metric in ads reporting that provides an estimate of how relevant an ad is to its target audience, based on how the ad is performing and other factors. When your ad’s score is high, it’s more likely to be shown to your audience than other ads. You also pay less to reach more of your target audience. The score will range from 1 to 10, 10 meaning we estimate your ad is highly relevant and 1 meaning we estimate your ad isn’t very relevant. Source: Facebook’s article on Ad relevance. No reference value found!

Key performance indicators My advertisement Reference value*
Cost per click € (CPC) 0,12 € 1,30 €
Click through rate % (CTR) 0,54 % 0,40 %
Cost per 1000 impressions € (CPM) 0,62 € 5,25 €

CPC, CTR and CPM outperform the global reference values. Obviously it’s not straightforward to compare a non-selling boosted post from Finland to a global advertisement. However we can trust *Nanigans benchmark report (June 2016) to provide such global reference values.

This post is supposed to open up some metrics and encourage Instagrammers to dig deeper in the marketing aspect. 🙂

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