Instagram Q&A: Travelling

by joonas
Instagram Q&A: Travelling

Based on the questions from Instagram. I divided the questions into four categories. This category includes the questions that somehow relate to travelling. See also:

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What is your favourite place?

  • After all, my favourite place on Earth is very private and simple: My family’s Summer cottage on an island in the Eastern Finland.

What is the most beautiful country?

  • I must admit that our neighbouring country has this privilege. Norway, you are the most beautiful country in the world, for now. Let’s see again when I have seen some Canada or New-Zealand. 😉

How can I find people to travel with?

  • I started contacting people online and offline for common interests, and through Instagram I’ve met numerous great people to travel with. And of course, I still enjoy be on the road with my childhood friends and family!

How do you get money if you are always travelling?

  • Combining travelling with jobs that can be done on the road, for example, social media content production and administrating client’s social media channels. I have a media production company, and most of the projects are related to nature as well.

How do you choose where to travel?

  • This is a good question. Often I find myself on the road choosing the destinations spontaneously, but as I love to travel with company, there are more than one opinion. Then it’s just a question of co-dreaming and negotiating, calculating budgets and fitting the trip in the calendar.

Tips on how to fund adventures?

  • My advice is simple. I see life as a journey of people helping each other. It applies also to business. Give something, get something back. If there is something that you can do to help anyone, then you are in a position of making a deal of some sort. One approach is to first find a person or company that would value your skills.

What places are good for beginners?

  • Start with baby steps. That is how every successful journey starts. I started doing day trips with my family when I was a kid. Starting may well be the hardest thing, so maybe you could ask your friend or relative to join.

Would you consider taking an intern or assistant on your trips?

  • I actually have had assistants in my projects, but a longer term cooperation would be warmly welcomed!

What are your favourite travel destinations?

  • I rarely favour destinations, because they all have something special and unique in them. However, for nature destinations I would say Norway, Finnish Lapland, Austria, Switzerland and Northern Italy. For urban destinations I must admit that New York, Paris and Tallinn had me, even though the hectic lifestyle is not for my soul.

What is your best moment in the mountains?

  • Witnessing the rising sun is always wonderful. Once we hiked up to a small lake called ‘Lago di Sorapis’ in Northern Italy with friends. That morning has been in my mind since.

Where did you feel the most excited during your stay?

  • Sleeping in tent during the Polar night in Finnish Lapland. Polar night is the time when sun does not move above the horizon, and the daylight lasts only a brief moment. It was about -35 Celsius degrees, and as we were cooking dinner the Northern Lights started dancing above us. I was not so experienced photographer back then, and therefore my pictures did not turn out that good. However, it was magical to watch the colourful star sky.

Where is the worst place you spent the night and what made it the worst?

  • One time in Lofoten, Northern Norway, we set our camp on a beach and made a nice fire. It was already a long and exhausting day, so we fell asleep quickly. Then BANG I woke up in the middle of the dark night as one of the tent poles hit me in my head. The soundscape was like ten helicopters would have been landing next to our campsite. See, sometimes the heavy clouds roll down from the mountains with such an energy and speed, that it feels like the end of world is coming. Not to mention the rain that comes horizontally and whips your face making it impossible to operate. That was scary. I shouted that we have about 5 minutes to get shit done and pack everything, as the storm was rising. I ran to the girls’ tent, and they were just laughing and singing inside. Ha. Not funny really, but we managed to get to the van in time, luckily, the storm just escalated.

Do you scout locations before travelling?

  • Yes, every time. However, I find it interesting to leave some space for spontaneous decisions and surprises. Best tools are Google’s satellite map and Instagram. 🙂

Best non-tourist things to do in Finland?

  • Have a public sauna in Helsinki, go pick berries and mushrooms in the forest (take a book with so you know which ones), cook in the nature, sleep under the star sky, try fishing & taste local beers from small breweries.

Tips for seeing the Northern Lights?

  • Travel to Finnish Lapland anytime between September and March. Then follow the Northern Light weather from services such Aurora Service. Northern Lights are active also in Autumn and Spring. Whilst you are there, go somewhere as high as you can get, or to an exposed area where is as little light pollution as possible. Then just wait. Autumn is my favourite Northern Lights spotting season.

How can I find such beautiful cabins to stay in?

  • It’s like being a detective. You need to save photos, websites, tips and phone numbers as they come. Google will help you in making reservations. I also recommend search keywords such as glamping and log cottage.

Best places to see in Finland?

  • Koli, Hossa, Oulanka, Salla, Pyhä & Pallas!

What is your favourite place in Lofoten, Norway?

  • Vaeroy, Bunes beach and Kvalvika are my top favourite spots!

Did you shower in Norway or just swim in the cold water?

  • I don’t really like to swim in cold waters, but still I did a few times. Having a shower from a mountain stream is a good option, but still I recommend to have a basecamp such as Solsiden Brygge in case you really want to get washed.

Do you recommend to bring a tent to Lofoten even if you have a camper?

  • Yes, because some of the most magnificent beaches are not accessible by car.

What are the most romantic places in Norway?

  • It is such a beautiful country with countless fjords, mountains and hidden beaches that this is impossible. I have not seen the whole country, but let’s still say Sommaroy, an island close to Tromso.

What is your next destination?

  • Outside of Finland my next trip is a bit longer one: Roadtrip from Helsinki, Finland all the way to Northern Italy. I will tell you more about this soon!

Can I come explore Finland with you?

  • I’m open for ideas anytime, hit me up in Instagram or email!

What new countries would you like to explore?

  • Slovenia, New Zealand and Japan!

What has been your longest trip and where?

  • I consider my high school year exchange in Australia as a trip. Living in Sydney was full of experiences and activities. I joined a boxing club, breakdance school and lifeguard training, learned surfing and most importantly, learned to be on my own.

Why do you travel in cold destinations?

  • Easy! I think breathing and

How many days a year do you travel?

  • This year is the fourth year in a row that I am travelling around 5 months in total. Who knows about the future.

When are you coming to USA?

  • Hopefully in 2019!

When are you coming to Iran?

  • That would be an experience! :O

When are you coming to Brazil?

  • Promise to be there one day!

When are you coming to India?

  • When I get enough of the cold weather!

When are you coming to Mexico?

  • I actually love Mexican food, so I better add this on my list!

Have you visited Middle Norway / Tips for Middle Norway?

  • Only once, but I really want to spend my next Norway-trip there!

Have you visited Greece?

  • Not, yet!

Have you been to Turkey?

  • Yes, visiting Cappadoccia. I also made a video about the trip:

Have you been in Russia?

  • No, even though its in the neighbour! Time will take me there, I’m sure.

Have you been in Canada / Which places in Canada would you like to visit?

  • Canada is my dream come true destination currently. I have been in Toronto, but the Pacific North West has been in my mind for a long time.

Hove you thought about living in a campervan?

  • Yes, but I think I would still need some kind of apartment to fit all my stuff into! Vanlife would still rock! 😀

How does it feel to be in the nature?

  • Being in the nature is like active therapy. All the sounds and fresh air, colors and natural light are priceless.

How do you deal with mosquitos and other bugs while out in the wild?

  • They are my friends!

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