Instagram Q&A: Photography

by joonas
Instagram Q&A: Photography

Based on the questions from Instagram. I divided the questions into four categories. This category includes the questions that somehow relate to photography and social media. See also:

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What does photography mean to you?

  • Good question! Photography for me is memorising my life and adventures. It is a fun excuse to go outdoors and a great way to connect with likeminded people. All in all, photography is having fun times and sharing some memories to the world.

When did you start photography?

  • It was the beginning of 2015, when I was 23 years old. I got a real kickstart to my hobby as I was roadtripping with my four photography idols @konstalinkola, @kpunkka, @dansmoe and @eljackson.

What is your favourite picture?

  • It’s actually funny how my favourite picture is not even on Instagram or elsewhere in the Internet. It’s a really personal one that I have taken of my girlfriend, as she was walking on street in towards sunset. I have made a metal print of this photograph and now it’s hanging on the wall at my parents’ living room.

Do you sell your photography?

  • I might sell, even though they are not in any shops currently. If you have one in mind, please ask me!

How to to get into the social media / photography business?

  • I have a philosophy, which applies to many cases, also this one. It goes like this: “You become better in what you do, whether it was reading, playing piano, photographing or making business.” So, in order to start social media business, you would need a skill that can be monetised. It can be writing, speaking, photographing, editing or other. As the question is about business, it requires someone to need your help and that someone has to be willing to pay for it. My advice: Make your first deal, whatever it may be. Because according to my philosophy, you get better in making deals as you make them. So just make the first one and see how it feels, and learn from it. I have tried to make great deals and often failed, but as I’ve gotten some experience it feels a lot easier. I started like this: “Hey, I’m Joonas Linkola, a passionate social media content producer, and I would like to offer you some help. Are you interested?”

Tips on growing an Instagram account?

  • “You get what you give.” So by networking with other Instagrammers and putting in the effort, you will definitely be also recognised at some point. I could write a dedicated post about my Instagram experience, because there are so many ways one can proceed with. Nutshell: Pick one style, learn from your idols, do it better, participate in the network.
  • Tip 1: The level of content is super high, so only the best of the bestest posts nowadays can make it really popular. Like I post 1-3 a week, but I try to have the wow-effect stuff. It takes a lot of effort to make a picture or video, especially when they are outdoors.
  • Tip 2: Continuity for the feed: use the same presets and same voice, because its your brand. If you concentrate on for example photographing weddings, Only post stuff that is related to weddings and really appeal to the wedding audience.
  • Tip 3: Keep on doing, follow your idols, copy their ideas to learn the best tricks. Gather ideas and turn them to your personal content. There is no really “unique” stuff anymore, because even if you were super niche, there are always 10 more people doing the same. The thing is: If a content consumer (aka potential follower) has 10 people in mind to follow, he/she will choose probably one. You have to think: “How can I be the one out of this niche?” Instagram is a like a game, and sometimes you get frustrated as there are those “insta-trends” that go viral. It’s up to you, if you want to do them but even better. If you have a credible feed, the audience will eventually find you.

How can I learn photographing and editing with iPhone?

  • App called VSCO is the way to go! Also, get familiar with compositions and manual exposure. Try to expose your photograph according to the most important subject in the frame. And leave everything unnecessary outside of the picture. In VSCO, there are countless great presets, which I also use when editing with mobile phone. See my favourite ones HERE.

Which tools do you use to edit videos?

  • For photographs, I use Adobe Lightroom on computer and VSCO on mobile. See my VSCO blog post from HERE.

Do you use presets when editing photos?

  • Yes. I started using presets as it makes the workflow faster. I don’t like to sit on my computer for very long, and warmly recommend using presets. Great artists such Alex Strohl and Forrest Mankins have presets for sale. You can also buy my first preset pack from HERE.

Have you done cinemagraphs?

  • I have tried to do some, but currently it is not something I’m very interested in. 🙂

What is your favourite camera lens and why?

  • My all time favourite lens is Sigma 35mm 1.4. It enables really sharp pictures and very beautiful bokeh. I use it as much as possible.

What makes you a photographer?

  • I don’t consider myself as a professional photographer, because it is still something I’m learning. One great photograph takes a lot of effort, and hence I see myself more like a storyteller and content producer. I also like to write in Finnish and English, produce videos and design campaigns.

How do you pack your camera gear?

  • On adventures generally the gear has to be minimised. Therefore I usually carry only two lenses and a drone with me. I try to plan beforehand what kind of material I’m going to produce, and select my gear based on the most important subjects. My camera bag Lowepro Whistler 350 AW can fit for example: Nikon D810, Nikkor 14-24mm, Sigma 35mm, Mavic Pro, 1 litre of water, extra jacket, snacks and some other important hiking gear such as sunglasses and

Can we go photographing together one day?

  • Absolutely! Hit me up with an idea or a project, and let’s see!

What is your favourite season to photograph?

  • Autumn for sure. I love the colours, the crispy air and great variety of the daylight.

Can you teach how to take a photo of milky way?

  • I might do a tutorial of this on my blog! Thanks for asking.

Should I buy GoPro or SJ 7 Star?

  • For photography, buy a DSLR. For funny home videos, GoPro and others might be well suited. Of course the action cameras are way to go if you are really doing something including action and it would be a burden to carry a bigger camera. However, in more professional production, go always for the quality, don’t think about the weight or size.

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