Instagram Filters for Color Grading

by joonas

Links to filters: Charm, Subtle, Delighted, Neat

I was contacted by a coder, who wanted to create me some Instagram filters for Instagram Stories. I got really interested about the subject and started to study how I could develop them myself. Process is not the most complicated, but requires some patience. I watched several YouTube videos, which helped me throughout the process.

What is needed in the process:
Spark AR
Fast Color LUT arp
Original LUT table
Your own color profile (I used my Lightroom presets)

Useful YouTube videos:
Convert Lightroom Presets to Instagram Filters
Spark AR YouTube Channel

Instagram filters are definitely a new creative way to showcase your channel for new audiences. I only wanted to create my personal color grading filters, with the idea “less is more”. Here they are:

From left to right: Original, Charm, Subtle, Neat, Delighted

Try out the filters! Links open in Instagram, make sure to have the latest version: Charm, Subtle, Delighted, Neat

Workspace in Spark AR.
Statistics after one week of publishing the filters.

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