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by joonas
Featured by Instagram

In Autumn 2016 we were on a roadtrip in Northern Norway with @teppotirkkonen, @rikyla and @henriksainio. Driving around and climbing up the mountains near fjords is super fun. Weather conditions are not always the sunniest, but that’s just a matter of attitude!

In the end of the trip I received a message:


Yep! My biggest feature was about to happen!

[x_blockquote cite=”Instagram” type=”center”]Joonas Linkola (@joonaslinkola) found this spot nestled in the mountains on a 10-day road trip through Finland and Norway. “I have always dreamt about having a summer cottage on an island, and this particular one just raised my eyebrows. It was like my dream,“ he says, with one caveat. “The bridge is old and feeble, so it was scary to walk on it.”[/x_blockquote]

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