Case: Fisherman’s Friend x Joonas Linkola

by joonas
Case: Fisherman’s Friend x Joonas Linkola

In July 2017 – June 2018, I conducted a social media project with Fisherman’s Friend. My job was to produce intriguing and engaging content for their social media channels in Facebook and Instagram. Each post consisted of a photograph and a story with the themes of outdoors, adventures, challenges and nature. Aim was to reach as many Finnish consumers with the content and have a top-of-mind effect for the product. My responsibility was to independently organise and produce the necessary content. This case covers the analytics of the posts in Facebook.

Numbers in a nutshell:

  • 26 posts
  • 3 171 996 impressions 
  • 26 770 post engagement 
  • 23 353 post reactions

All the posts were boosted with paid advertising. In total, 8 752 € was used in paid advertisement, which means a CPM of 2,62 €. In Q1 2018, the Facebook placement ads median CPM was $11.20 (Adstage 2018). CPM = Cost per thousand impressions.

What I learned? For a long time project, it was relevant to have a good framework and organised file sharing, so that all participants know what’s coming up next. We set up folders in Google Drive and Dropbox. In Drive I could write the stories to be commented, and in Dropbox I could share the photographs to be used. For the content production I learned to benefit of the available resources, write compelling short stories and link them into the product.


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