Best Christmas gift in 2019

by joonas

It is something that lasts over generations, doesn’t harm the environment, smells good and feels a little bit adventurous. The best Christmas gift in 2019 is indeed a piece of protected forest.

Forest conservation involves the upkeep of the natural resources within a forest that are beneficial to both humans and the ecosystem. Luonnonperintösäätiö (Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation) is a non-governmental organization that promotes the protection of old growth forests. The foundation has been active since its establishment in 1995 purchasing old untouched forests with donation funds and applying for a permanent protection for them according to the Nature Conservation Act. In Finland, a mere four percent of the forests in the southern half of the country is under legal protection. This is why the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation’s primary goal is to purchase forest sites from southern and central Finland. (source: Luonnonperintösäätiö)

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