Autumn Essentials

by joonas
Autumn Essentials

In the Fall, it can be challenging to gear up, as during the same day you can face the whole year’s weather conditions! First waking up from the frost, then the morning moisture creeps through the clothes, sun burns during the day, and in the evening freezing in the cool winds. My attitude is, that it’s always good weather to go outdoors, and it can be both comfortable and good-looking. Some people wonder what does the looks matter, but it’s also about one’s self-confidence. That you like your clothes and gear – it naturally gives a positive boost to the adventure.

Thermos: The champion of hot drinks is the most popular person of the adventure! The most important task of a thermos bottle is to keep the heat inside. Insulation is based on an empty space between the interior and exterior of the bottle, which slows down the heat conduction outward. Second, the main task is to endure the usage. I’m using a steel Stanley Classic 0,75 L Vacuum.

Shoes: Wet enough, so a good coating is worth it. On the other hand, the surface should also breathe to allow the shoe to dry. If you want to carry stuff, then sturdy shoes are the life insurance for your ankles. I always have extra insoles with me. Insoles may also be good to take in to the sleeping bag, for example, if you do not want them to collect moisture and freeze during the night. I’m hiking with the Lowa Camino GTX boots for the second year now.

Anorak: “Color to the eye and space to extra layers.” Sometimes it may seem that layer dressing goes over the heads. However, Autumn weather is a bit of a challenge as the heat of the day changes radically and the pace of activities varies. Anorak is an ingenious general jacket, because it breathes and fits extra layers underneath. And looks good. Anorak front pocket is spacious and very practical with the backpack. Normal jacket side pockets can be awkwardly under the waistband. High collar and large hood protects against the winds. In the pictures also: Sasta’s Katmai Anorak.

Head Lamp: The main piece of equipment for a hiker! Discovering the terrain in the dark, small jobs in the dusk and shining atmosphere in the photos! The best thing is getting both hands free, unlike the with a flashlight. A good headlight is my favorite gear and always comes along. Currently using an efficient and USB powered rechargeable Petzl Reactik+.

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Lowa Camino

Fjällräven Keb Trousers

Sasta Katmai Anorak

Rab Ascent 700

Exped Synmat 7M

Stanley Classic 0.75L Vacuum

Nalgene Wide Mounth 1.0L

Primus Essential Stove Set 2.3L

Fjällräven Abisko Shape 2

Pahkataide Visakuksa

Osprey Kestrell 48

Petzl Reactik+

Care Plus First Aid Kit Compact

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