Who is Joonas?

by joonas

Joonas is an entrepreneur and adventure minded marketing specialist from Finland. He is best known as a social media influencer and content producer with focus on lifestyle and outdoor culture. His passion is storytelling through text, photos and videos, and he also has professional experience in social media marketing, brand development and service design.

Joonas grew up in a small town called Järvenpää, located in Southern Finland. When he was 21, he wanted to start his first own business and became an entrepreneur. Beginning with digital marketing, Joonas did everything from website development and Google Analytics to video production and sales projects. In the beginning of 2015 he got into photography, as his brother Konsta was already semi-professional photographer and encouraged him. Straight away Joonas started social media content production aside his studies. Having graduated from Aalto University as a Master of Communication Networks, Joonas continues to explore the social media, media production marketing industry. Nowadays his passions include adventures, photography and cabin life.

His clients include Finnair, Zalando, Classic-jäätelö, Pukka Travels, John Nurminen Foundation, Polar, Alaska, Löfberg, City of Rovaniemi, Valo Hotel, Neste, Samsung, Nissan, Elisa, Peak Performance, Momondo, Scandinavian Outdoor, Fisherman’s Friend, Vantaan Energia, Skillshare, House of Lapland, Visit Saimaa, Visit Switzerland, Slush and Arla to name a few.