Joonas Linkola. Creative producer & social media specialist.

Joonas Linkola is a photographer, director and creative producer from Finland. Attracted by his aesthetic and storytelling approach throughout his work, he is trusted by numerous brands in commercial and content production. Joonas has years of experience in photography, filmmaking, podcasts, branding and social media. He has organised media productions in over 20 countries globally.

Outside of commercial works, Joonas’s passion includes creating beautiful portraits of ordinary people, adventures in outdoors, and cabin culture. He also has professional experience in social media marketing and brand development.

Selected clients

YLE / Finnair / Classic ice cream / Nissan / Canon / Samsung / Zalando / Levi Lapland / Pukka Travels / John Nurminen Foundation / Alaska clothing / Löfbergs / City of Rovaniemi / Valo Hotel / Peak Performance / Momondo / Scandinavian Outdoor / Fisherman’s Friend / Visit Saimaa / Visit Switzerland / Slush

Media productions done in

Finland / Sweden / Norway / Germany / France / Switzerland / Austria / Italy / Greece / Poland / Baltics / UK / Ireland / USA / Japan / Singapore / China / South Korea / Thailand / Maldives / Turkey / Namibia


Brand photography, commercial photography, and social media content production. Capturing the moment in time and creating a visual message is worth every effort. Years of experience in highlighting your brand, presenting your people, and showcasing your products. Photography designed for a purpose and context!


Scripting, filming, and editing in one package! A visually captivating video with a personal edge can be the backbone of your brand’s social media appearance. Effective production in social media videos, advertisements, brand films, documentaries and tutorials.


Let’s get personal and long format! I have been co-hosting a podcast show Valokuvauspodcast since 2020 (Currently streamed over 200 000 times). Our target audience consists of Finnish photographers, Instagrammers, and camera enthusiasts.


Brand communication and compelling captions. Speak to your audience in a way that moves them, inspires them, informs them, or clarifies complicated ideas for them. Fluent writing in English and Finnish for all marketing purposes, with your tone of voice!

Social media

Social strategies, brand ambassadorships & influencer campaigns. I design content & brand comminucation strategies, marketing campaigns, and influencer collaborations. There are over 100 social media influencers and content producers in my current network.